1 Roll
48" Wide
20' Long


Deluxe Natural Window Film 35% VLT

A panoramic view is a prime asset, especially in residential settings. However, a marvelous view can be impaired by excessive glare and heat. Deluxe Natural window film remains virtually neutral in color, subtly reducing glare and controlling heat buildup, without affecting your view. It also provides outstanding UV protection, blocking 99% of damaging UVA and UVB radiation. Adhesive is water-activated.

This is professional grade tint, not the stuff that fades and turns purple like the big box stores sell. Easy to apply with a squegee
and spray bottle. This tint not only blocks U.V. radiation but also
helps prevent heat transfer during cold winter months.

Sold per roll. Each roll is 48 Inches Wide by 20 Feet Long


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